Our Story


The Brand

Egypt has always been the land of stories. It’s poets and writers, actors and singers, artists and artisans were its heroes. We aim to make our heroes relevant in the modern world of design. We create home products with a contemporary look and impeccable craftsmanship. We tell our tales using the best wood and our finest cottons to produce unique pieces. Each chair with its own design of birds, cats and faces sits in your living room to tell a story from the orient of then and now.


The Designer

Rasha El Gammal

I wanted to be a designer all my life. My mother was a tv personality who traveled the country in search of traditional crafts, vernacular habits, traditional garments and most importantly old stories and their heroes. I decided to channel my art into putting these artisans back on the map. A student of Islamic/ African history, I aim to recreate the concept of “ patrons of the art” , where clients again commission artisans to create relevant beautiful pieces. Only then will these crafts re-inherit their raison d’être and not be reduced to bazaar bought souvenirs for the occasional tourist.


The Product

Rasha El Gammal’s designs create a fashionable and modern yet nostalgic look. The atmosphere we aim to evoke through our furniture pieces, home accessories and garments inspire the memories of traveling to eastern places in an unknown time.